Terms and Conditions

We work exclusively on the basis of the General German Forwarder Conditions 2017 (ADSp 2017). In Section 23, these limit the legal liability for damage to goods, which is limited to 8.33 SDR/kg according to the legal regulation in § 431 HGB, further to EUR 1,250,000 per damage event or EUR 2,500,000 per damage event or to 2 SDRs /kg, whichever is greater. In the case of multimodal transport including sea transport, the liability limit is generally 2 SDR/kg.

The ADSp 2017 can be found in the currently valid form on the website of DSLV.

When it comes to cooling, we work exclusively according to the ABK (General Conditions for Cold Stores), in the latest version.

We only cover transport, storage and refrigerated storage insurance on special written order.

We will send you the contractual conditions on request.



ABK - Allgemeine Bedingungen der Kühlhäuser (deutsch)

ABK - General Conditions of Business for Cold Stores (english)