Responsibility and quality

We are not alone in the world

Our company is located in the largest contiguous German industrial area, which in turn is in the heart of a metropolis of millions. Of course there is a tension between port and traffic planning and other interests such as residential development. We also take these worries and needs seriously and try to reconcile them with our business activities.

Our certifications

IFS certificate

Heinrich Osse Lagerhaus GmbH has been internationally certified since 2006. The possession of the certificate certifies our compliance with the HACCP guideline and safe handling when storing food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dried and edible nuts.

Organic certificate

We have been a recognized service provider for organic products since 2006. The organic certificate (control number: DE-ÖKO-013) entitles us to store organic products from agriculture.


Heinrich Osse Lagerhaus GmbH is a member of a number of clubs and associations in which it exchanges experiences with other companies and works to further improve handling options.


  • Fachverband der Container Packbetriebe e.V.
  • Unternehmensverband Hafen Hamburg e.V.
  • Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V.
  • Verein Hamburgischer Quartiersleute von 1886 e.V.

Minimum Wage Statement

Declaration of commitment to the minimum wage law

Heinrich Osse Lagerhaus GmbH and all its affiliated companies hereby undertake to comply with the provisions of the law regulating the minimum wage, in particular to pay the statutory minimum wage to our employees.

In addition, we hereby make a binding commitment to oblige our subcontractors or other companies commissioned by us to pay the statutory minimum wage to their employees.

We expressly emphasize that Heinrich Osse Lagerhaus GmbH is liable to our client if we violate legal regulations such as minimum wage regulations.

If we make a claim against our client for violating legal regulations, we will indemnify him from all claims and any legal costs that may arise for him.

Heinrich Osse Lagerhaus GmbH
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Osse Spedition und Transport GmbH
Heinrich Osse Lager und Logistikges. mbH & Co.KG

Our services

Osse Leistungen

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