Where we come from

The first branch of the family business was founded in 1879 by Peter Osse, the great-grandfather of the current partner, in the Alte Land, one of the largest fruit-growing areas in Germany. For a long time, the company concentrated on trading in fruit and shipping fruit to Berlin. The following generations, Heinrich Osse and later Heinrich-Peter Osse, continued the business, which changed increasingly from 1970 onwards. Freight forwarding and warehousing became the focus.

In 1985 the company moved to the nearby Hamburg free port. Today's managing director, Peter Osse, has been in charge of the company since 1993. The last move was in 2001 to the historic 1950s shed on Kleiner Grasbrook. They were built between 1908 and 1911 and are the last surviving quay sheds from the imperial era. Due to their unusual three-nave wooden stand construction, they were listed as historical monuments. The company headquarters are located in the main building.

Irrespective of the historically valuable construction, the latest storage technology could be installed inside, so that the systems, which each have a floor area of ​​13,600 square meters, meet the highest standards today.

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